Independent Insurance Adjusting

A disaster can cause devastating damages to your property hindering your business operations. Insurance companies may attempt to compensate less than what’s required to repair the property and that’s why you need a public adjuster. At
Calvert Property Inspections, LLC, our professionals work for you to properly assess the damage, determine an appropriate settlement and negotiate with your insurance company.

How Can a Commercial Inspection Help My Business?

Commercial buildings often combine functions like an office on levels 2-10, with retail on the bottom floor. Many times, this commercial space is owned by one owner who leases space in the building to other commercial businesses. Other times it can be each owner owning their own space and sharing the common walls of the building with others.

In any case, this type of claim directly affects one’s workplace and livelihood. Unfortunately, most renters or commercial property owners are not familiar with their insurance policies and find themselves at a loss as to who is responsible for what.Navigating the complexities of insurance in Oklahoma requires the expertise of an Oklahoma insurance adjuster. At Calvert Property Inspections, LLC, we stand as your dedicated partners in this intricate process. Our skilled professionals specialize in untangling confusion, offering a clear path forward. With our support, your workplace can be efficiently restored to its pre-loss condition, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout.

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Independent Residential Claim Inspections

Residential claims are most distressful to the family. A family’s residence provides a safe environment for each and every family member. It is where the family unit returns to, after an active day, whether at the workplace or school, looking forward to relaxing from their stressful routine. When water, mold, fire, theft or storm damage hits the entire balance of the family unit is thrown off-kilter.

The repercussions are felt in the workplace, school and all other places that members of a family visit out of the home. The expression “There is nowhere like home” hasn’t been around for thousands of years for no reason. It is for that reason that Century Public Adjusters takes residential home damage so seriously. We know that home needs to stay a safe haven for the entire family.

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