Buyer's Inspection

In order to protect yourself, you need a qualified home inspector to check if your potential new home is up to par.

Calvert Property Inspections, LLC is skilled at investigating and examining homes for known property issues in accordance with safety standards and regulations. Our services are non-invasive and will pinpoint pre-existing problems with the living space. Whether a seller intentionally tries to obscure defects, or they were unaware of the issue, we’ll help you make sure you’re protected before you commit to a purchase.

What Does a Full Home Inspection Include?

Our home inspectors will check outside areas such as the roof, vents, gutters, porches, garage, and other entryways. It’s also vital to check the foundation, basement, and crawlspaces for signs of moisture.

It’s also vital to check all of the plumbing, including valves, the hot water heater, heating and cooling systems, and irrigation systems. Finally, we’ll check the electrical panels and check for issues with the home’s lines of service.

Certified Inspections by Calvert Property Inspections, LLC

Calvert Property Inspections, LLC exists to provide home buyers with peace of mind and security regarding their purchase. You don’t want to start your homeowners journey on a bad note. We provide a thorough assessment and give you the information you need to challenge home sellers and make an informed decision.

Our home inspectors have the experience and expertise to identify everything that a home has to offer, so you don’t need to worry about untrustworthy reports. Don’t go into your home purchase without all of the information. Get the help of Calvert Property Inspections, LLC to inspect homes you’re interested in today!

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